Data Protection & Privacy

Whether securing payment or personal information, your customers need to have confidence that their data is safe with you. This is a challenge in today’s world of increasing threats and regulatory frameworks such as GDPR and UK DPA. Lose your data and you could be open to large financial penalties, major operational disruption, and serious reputational damage. Our Data Protection and Privacy services will help you ensure you have the right systems, controls and policies in place. That means peace of mind for your customers, knowing their data is secure with your business.

The Implementation Challenges

Building systems and processes that meet the requirements of GDPR and UK DPA is a truly specialist job. Both frameworks are detailed and benefit from expertise based on experience and a compliance background. In reality most companies do not employ people dedicated to such tasks.

However, the challenges are growing rapidly. Failure to comply with regulations leave companies increasingly open to data breaches that are both costly and damaging.

The penalties handed out by the ICO for GDPR breaches can be punative. Maximum penalties in the UK are 4% of turnover or £17.5 million whichever is the greater. In 2020 the ICO issued £40million in fines for GDPR breaches. More than anything, understanding how to design policies and systems to maintain a secure and compliant infrastructure is essential for any business transacting with customers.

Our Solution

Blackfoot provides end-to-end data protection and privacy services to deliver just that for your business. From designing privacy policies to securing payment systems, we manage every area of regulatory compliance, saving you time, money and reputational damage.

Data Protection Compliance Assessment

The introduction of GDPR made data protection a key security issue for every business. Our Data Protection Compliance Assessment reviews the effectiveness of your privacy processes and controls and provides prioritised recommendations for making them more robust. We interview key staff and examine your supporting documentation. We will find the gaps in your data protection framework and help you fill them quickly and efficiently.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

Your business will continually be implementing changes in systems, processes or across your organisation. When you make those changes, do you consider the impact on data privacy? That is where Blackfoot’s data privacy impact assessment (DPIA) will help you. We will review your changes, identify key risks, and assess related controls that you have planned or deployed. Our DPIA will ensure that as your business evolves, you will never be open to data privacy issues; keeping the regulators happy and allowing you to sleep at night.


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