Security Management

Once a security management system is in place to protect your business, you need the resources to maintain your infrastructure, manage the constantly changing threat landscape and respond to incidents should the worst happen. Blackfoot’s Virtual Cyber-Officer provides the specialist resources to help you manage your company’s cyber security without the need for internal expertise. Even businesses with the best-laid incident response plans can benefit from a professional consultant when an incident arises, a key component of Blackfoot’s offering. With more companies finding it increasingly challenging to find the necessary resource to manage this key area of their businesses, there has never been a better time to utilise the services of a cyber security partner like Blackfoot.

The Implementation Challenges

Businesses face continual change. New systems, services and customer requirements all impact your security infrastructure and the effectiveness of your existing framework. The time needed to continually monitor cyber security and the tools required to do so are not available to most businesses. Nor are key specialisms from web design to data protection, network security to regulatory compliance. This is why so many businesses either take an ad hoc approach or partner with a specialist provider to manage this key area for them.

UK businesses increasingly report conflicts between IT service continuity and maintenance with key cyber security activity such as patching software.

Our Solution

Blackfoot provides everything needed to take responsibility for your security monitoring, putting necessary recommendations in place to maintain your system. We also provide a complete service to help you manage incident response and our professional consultants will ensure continually changing regulatory requirements are met.

Virtual Cyber Officer

If you do not have the necessary expertise in-house to manage system issues and incident responses, our virtual cyber-officer is a perfect solution. Your dedicated point of contact will offer full phone and email support and control of incident responses. Our pro-active model goes further, offering you quarterly reviews of your security strategy, your security management system and planned business changes. Our expertise will take the worry out of managing your IT security, so you can focus on running your business.

Blackfoot Managed ISMS

Like many customers, you may lack the resource or expertise to maintain records demonstrating compliance with your IT policies and procedures. Our system takes away all your concerns. Our Managed ISMS automatically monitors your activity, ensuring all personnel know what to do and when. We log each required action, send notifications when overdue and collate full system logs so when you carry out regulatory audits, all necessary information is available quickly in one location.

Blackfoot Open Source Intelligence Monitoring

Blackfoot uses OSINT tools to keep you safe. How? By continually monitoring external threats, unpatched software, leaked or exposed assets, we can quickly identify serious vulnerabilities, taking remedial action to re-secure your systems and data. Your Normshield Risk Scorecard and Report will give you total visibility of your security status at any time. The result – your peace of mind, knowing your business is secure.

Blackfoot Incident Response & First Responder

If you do not want the full service provided by our Virtual Cyber-Officer but need a specialist on-hand should a serious incident ever occur, our First Responder service is perfect for you. This gives you peace of mind that if you experience an attack, we will help you manage everything required without taking rash decisions. We will lessen your exposure to financial penalties, reputational damage, and operational disruption.

Supply Chain Risk Management

60% of UK companies have experienced a supply chain-related cyber-attack. The average cost for a medium sized business of such an attack is nearly £100,000. That is why Blackfoot developed a specific risk assessment programme for your suppliers. Using our cyber-risk assessment and strategic approach, we can quickly show you key vulnerabilities due to supplier infrastructure or practices. And we can work with your suppliers to strengthen their frameworks, so your business is more secure.


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