Training is key to ensuring your employees understand the importance of cyber security and the kind of attacks they may face. We can help raise awareness and prevent the types of mistakes that can be made by the most senior staff when allowing attackers into your systems. Remember, 95% of cyber security breaches are a result of human error.

Our training is designed to not only help your people but to meet the regulatory requirements of PCI DSS, ISO27001, GDPR and other information security standards.

The Implementation Challenges

How do you ensure your people understand the types of threats they may face when using your systems and devices? How do you stop sophisticated threat actors breaching your systems through your employees? Many organisations include IT policies and protocols in their induction programmes but do not regularly update employee system behaviour and security awareness.

Without training, your teams will struggle to notice suspicious behaviour and understand how to stay secure online and mobile. Most businesses have neither the expertise or the resources to train their staff, whether in a physical learning environment or via online platforms. Thankfully, Blackfoot can provide everything you need to put a cohesive IT training programme in place

We help your teams understand fundamental issues such as:

  • Compliance regulations and how to manage them
  • How to avoid accidental breaches
  • Using project controls to keep cyber security front of mind as the business implements new processes and systems
  • How to identify malicious threats like phishing attacks

Our Solution

We will tailor training to your organisation just as we do with all our services. We understand the challenges involved. Not enough time considering the demands of the day job, new starters, increasing numbers of remote workers, little motivation to participate. That is why we deliver training in various formats making it easy for all employees to participate and understand their responsibilities in safeguarding your systems.

Employee Protection Assessment

Your employee records are as important as your customers’. Our Employee Protection Assessment carries out a comprehensive review of your employee data, how secure it is and the potential impact of a breach. And if we find any vulnerabilities, we will help you resolve them

Instructor Led Training

Training in a classroom of up to 20 delegates, our highly qualified instructors can train your teams in the key concepts of cyber security. We cover everything from staying safe online to understanding the importance and requirements of data protection regulations such as GDPR. Many organisations fail to keep their staff updated about security awareness. Don’t be one of them

Phishing Assessment

Around half of all cyber-attacks in the UK involve phishing, yet 22% of organisations do not train their people about security awareness and what to look for. Blackfoot’s phishing assessment uses standardised and customised email campaigns to test the strength of your defences against phishing attacks. For particularly vulnerable departments like Finance, we create targeted campaigns to attempt a system penetration. Once we have carried out this assessment, we can target key areas of weakness and identify any team training required.

eLearning Content

Our e-learning modules cover everything from PCI compliance to secure remote working. All content can be housed on your Learning Management System (LMS) or via our platform. Using custom-made animated videos, each module is followed by a test that checks your delegates have understood the essential learning from the training. They are often the quickest and most convenient way to train your people in the world of cyber security.

Secure Software Development Training

When you ask your designers to produce a new website or app, do you find you spend weeks patching the security issues discovered post-release? We help software designers understand how to code securely. Our training covers all the principles of secure coding and will add significantly to your developers’ armoury. The result - a system almost ready to use with much shorter fix times. That means slightly longer project timescales, but significantly quicker set-up and UAT sign-off. And a secure system.

Blackfoot Learning Management & Content Delivery Platform

Blackfoot’s cloud-based LMS is the ideal way to deliver our eLearning content to your workforce. With incredible ease of use, training can be consumed by employees on most Windows PCs, Macs, phones, and tablets, provided they are connected to the internet. Blackfoot-Hosted is a self-administered service, where we set up an LMS portal for you and train and support your administrators. The platform quickly displays your team’s current training, passes, fails, re-takes and much more.


Our other services

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