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Keep your people safe, secure and cyber-aware with our bespoke eLearning Courses

Why you need bespoke cybersecurity eLearning courses

Meet compliance

Our bespoke eLearning courses are specifically tailored to meet your compliance obligations and cybersecurity objectives, based on our award-winning training concepts

Protect the organisation

Your employees are your greatest asset and arming them against today’s range of cyber-attacks has become a business imperative

Provide assurance

Our bespoke eLearning courses are tailored to your exact needs enabling you to both educate your employees and provide assurance to stakeholders that your human defences are resilient against cyber-attack

Blackfoot’s bespoke eLearning course creation service is based on our industry award-winning training approach, delivering eLearning courses specifically tailored to your staff training requirements.

Our Accreditations

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What are bespoke eLearning courses

Bespoke eLearning courses are uniquely developed to meet your specific cybersecurity training objectives.

This may include customising an existing Blackfoot eLearning course, branding of an existing course with your organisation’s name and logo, translating courses to a foreign language or creating brand new eLearning courses to exactly match your organisation’s needs.

Our method

Our bespoke eLearning courses are designed and created by Blackfoot subject matter specialists.

Bespoke eLearning courses can either build on your current courses, making them more engaging and improving information retention, or cover a topic where no awareness content is currently available.

Why companies trust Blackfoot​

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