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Digital Transformation

Blackfoot can deliver cybersecurity expertise that enables successful digital transformation programmes and cloud migration initiatives

Digitalisation and cloud migration initiatives can offer organisations more flexible, agile networking, access to a vast array of software-as-a-service offerings, improved customer experience and significant cost-savings.

Whether digitalising physical records, developing customer service applications or migrating to a cloud-based operating environment, adopting a secure-by-design approach to these initiatives helps ensure that data remains secure and the organisation is resilient to cyber-attack.

Blackfoot can provide you with cybersecurity expertise to help you plan and deliver successful, secure digital transformation programmes and cloud migration initiatives.

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How does cybersecurity support digital transformation

Cybersecurity is central to any digital transformation programme or cloud migration initiative. While these programmes drive operational efficiency and ensure availability and access to data and services for both customers and employees, they can be a significant source of cyber-risk.

Further, poorly executed digital transformation initiatives can leave organisations exposed to cyber-attack and lacking the cyber-resilience necessary to recover from security incidents.

Organisations need to ensure their digital transformation and migration activities preserve the security and integrity of data and services throughout the project. This relies on selecting or developing the right digital platforms and cloud solutions capable of delivering project outcomes while offering comprehensive security and cyber-resilience.

Successful transformation programmes are dependent on having a clear understanding of how existing systems and data will be affected, and the controls that must be in place to protect them – and the organisation as a whole – throughout the transformation process.

How we help

Blackfoot can provide specialist cybersecurity expertise to guide you through the complex process of digital transformation and cloud migration.

Our expert team can help you select or design solutions that can deliver your programme goals while providing the cybersecurity capabilities you need to protect the security of your business.

Our specialist consultants will work with you throughout the transformation process – from defining your initial programme cybersecurity requirements through to project completion.

Our service- and project-level risk assessments will highlight any cyber-risks in your prospective solutions and during project delivery. We will help you plan your project to ensure the security and integrity of the transformation and migration process, enabling you to deliver successfully while minimising your cyber-risks.

We recommend that digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives are supported with a privacy impact assessment, to ensure that the security and integrity of any personal data involved is preserved and to uphold your legal obligations to protect the privacy rights of your customers and employees.

On project completion, we can provide assurance validation of your digital transformation activities so you can provide assurance to your board and key stakeholders that your systems and applications are secure.

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