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Blackfoot’s comprehensive range of Managed Security Services deliver expert cybersecurity capabilities tailored to your needs

Why you need managed security services

Access to expertise

Managed security services offer direct access to cybersecurity specialists with the deep skills necessary to safeguard your data and infrastructure

Protect the organisation

The rapid deployment of cybersecurity capabilities and enhanced incident response proficiency offered by managed security services help defend your organisation against cyber-attacks and minimise the impact of security incidents 

Provide assurance

Our expert security teams take the worry out of managing your cybersecurity, so you can focus on running your business, while helping provide assurance to stakeholders that your business is secure

Blackfoot’s managed security services deliver a range of cybersecurity competencies and capabilities to organisations without the skills, knowledge or resources to manage them in-house. 

Our comprehensive range of managed security services are fully customisable to your unique requirements, from a fully managed security operations centre (SOC) to a virtual cyber office. Whether you need technical expertise or award-winning eLearning support, our expert security teams can help take the worry out of managing your cybersecurity.

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What are managed security services

Effective cybersecurity relies on a clear understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities that pose a risk to company systems, and the right training and expertise to evaluate and respond to any weaknesses. Unfortunately, many organisations are unable to support cybersecurity skills and technical capabilities in-house, nor have the budget and resources to support them. That’s where managed security services can help.

Providing dedicated security teams specialised across all cybersecurity domains – from data protection and eLearning to strategic cybersecurity, technical vulnerability management and security operations – Blackfoot’s managed security solutions provide the skills and capabilities you need to ensure your business is secure.

Our method

Blackfoot’s managed security services keep you in control while delivering the cybersecurity skills, technology, resources and expertise you need to secure your business. 

Our managed security solutions are designed to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of cybersecurity, from vulnerability scanning to threat detection, cybersecurity training to incident response, and data protection to cybersecurity strategy.

We tailor our services to your specific needs, while you choose the level of support and involvement that suits you best. Our Cyber Risk Manager platform ensures you have the visibility you need to ensure our services are delivering just what you need.

We work with you as a trusted partner, not just a vendor. Our dedicated, friendly team of experts will share their expertise and best practices as we support you throughout your cybersecurity journey.

Why companies trust Blackfoot

Managed security services

Blackfoot’s comprehensive range of managed security services deliver expert cybersecurity capabilities tailored to your needs.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Find and fix vulnerabilities with Blackfoot’s managed vulnerability scanning service

Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our managed SOC service provides threat detection and response tailored to the needs ofyour business

Blackfoot Managed eLearning

Enhance human defenses effectively with our managed eLearning service

Virtual Cyber Office (VCO)

Let Blackfoot’s Virtual Cyber Office manage your cyber-risk and governance, and assist with cyber incident response

Virtual Data Protection Office (VDPO)

Ensure you can meet your data protection obligations with our Virtual Data Protection Office service

Cyber Risk

Get visibility of your cyber-risks with Blackfoot’s Cyber Risk Manager platform

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