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Minimise your human attack surface with our On-site Social Engineering Testing service

Why you need on-site social engineering testing

Provide assurance

Social engineering testing helps organisations better safeguard their assets, build a culture of security awareness and stay ahead of evolving cyber-threats

Protect the organisation

Regular social engineering testing ensures that weaknesses in your human defences are identified so they can be addressed, protecting against social engineering attacks

Manage risk

Social engineering testing demonstrates a proactive approach to security, showcasing a commitment to protecting sensitive information and mitigating risks

Blackfoot’s social engineering testing services keep you protected from social engineering threats, highlighting any weaknesses and enabling improvements in staff training and business processes.

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What is on-site social engineering testing

Criminals sometimes use social engineering to manipulate and deceive their way into secure areas or gain unauthorised access to sensitive information by exploiting human vulnerabilities within an organisation’s physical premises.

Social engineering attacks can pose a significant risk to organisations, as they exploit trust and employee naivety or ignorance. It is essential that organisations address this threat proactively through employee training, robust security protocols and regular social engineering tests and simulations.

By taking measures to educate employees about potential on-site social engineering techniques and implementing effective security measures, organisations can enhance their physical security and protect valuable assets, information and confidential resources from unauthorised access or compromise.

Our method

Our on-site social engineering testing follows a structured process to ensure comprehensive coverage and actionable insights.

We begin with planning; understanding your objectives and defining the service scope. Through reconnaissance, we gather information about the organisation and its physical security. We then develop realistic scenarios tailored to your needs.

During execution phase, our expert testers carry out authorised on-site social engineering attacks, observing and documenting employee responses.

We analyse the findings, evaluating the effectiveness of security protocols and highlighting specific weaknesses.

All findings are summarised in a detailed report, along with recommended actions, which our testers will explain in a debriefing session. We will provide the guidance you need to enhance security awareness and implement appropriate security measures to defend your organisation against social engineering attacks.

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