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Let us help your Data Protection Officer develop their knowledge and skills with our Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training service

Why you need data protection officer (DPO) training

Meet compliance

Our DPO training courses are designed to ensure you have the knowledge and skills you need to comply with local and cross-border data protection and privacy legislation

Protect the organisation

With the right training, your DPO can ensure your business avoids the legal consequences, reputational damage and lost business opportunities of a personal data breach or legal violation

Manage risk

A skilled and well-trained DPO can help the business implement good data handling practices, protecting personal information and respecting privacy rights, ultimately leading to stronger stakeholder trust and long-term success

Blackfoot’s data protection officer (DPO) training courses are created to cover all aspects of data protection and privacy for compliance with local and cross-border laws and regulations.
Our courses provide the most current information available, ensuring your DPO is informed of the latest legislative changes and upcoming requirements that may affect your business.

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What is data protection officer (DPO) training

DPO training provides new and experienced Data Protection Officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfil their legal obligations and ensure your business can comply with all relevant data protection and privacy laws.

Data protection training courses, supported by supplementary eLearning content, offer a cost-effective way of ensuring your DPO is up to date with the latest legislative changes and upcoming requirements.

Our method

Our data protection officer (DPO) training courses offer comprehensive training for new Data Protection Officers and help experienced DPOs stay up to date with the latest legal and regulatory changes, as well as any upcoming requirements that may affect your business.

Our instructor-led DPO training is delivered by our experienced data protection experts. They share their in-depth knowledge and expertise across various topics through interactive sessions, hands-on activities and engaging discussions.

Through these interactive sessions, participants receive valuable insights, practical skills and guidance, helping them better understand and implement data protection and privacy best practices within the organisation.

Our DPO training also includes supplementary eLearning content, designed to further enhance the learning experience and accommodate a range of learning styles. Using custom-made animated videos, each module is followed by a test that checks individuals have understood the essential learning from the training.

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