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Why you need web application penetration testing

Meet compliance

Regular web application penetration testing is a fundamental part of meeting your organisation’s security compliance goals

Protect the organisation

Regular web application penetration testing ensures that any weaknesses are identified so you can address them promptly and protect your organisation from cyber-attacks

Provide assurance

Regular web application penetration testing provides assurance to stakeholders that your web applications are secure

Blackfoot’s web application penetration testing service makes finding and fixing security weaknesses in web applications simple, no matter how complex they might be.

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What is web application penetration testing

Web application penetration testing is a critical process for ensuring the functionality, usability and security of web applications. 

It involves the systematic evaluation of various aspects of the application, including user interface, functionality, performance, compatibility and security. 

Through comprehensive testing, potential issues such as broken links, form validations, cross-browser compatibility, database integration and security vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed. 

Web application penetration testing helps organisations deliver a seamless user experience, ensure the application performs optimally under different conditions while maintaining data integrity and safeguarding against potential security threats.

Our method

Blackfoot’s manual penetration testing, or exploit testing, builds on vulnerability assessment results to simulate real-world attack methods.

Unlike automated vulnerability scanning, our manual penetration testing is delivered by our highly skilled testers who actively seek to progress vulnerabilities through the cyber kill-chain. They will assess the security of your environment by employing a combination of tools, techniques and, most importantly, creativity. As a CREST-certified organisation, Blackfoot web application penetration tests follow an approved, structured methodology.

Our expert testers first establish a deep understanding of the web application, its operation and configuration, and the associated operator roles and access permissions.

Our testers will then seek to discover any potentially exploitable vulnerabilities in the application, before testing their exploitability. They’ll also validate whether successful exploitation exposes other areas or provides potential threat routes to other business systems.

Based on clearly defined test objectives, this involves exploring compromised systems to determine whether they host sensitive files or information, allow privilege escalation or permit access to password information which could be used to compromise other systems or internal applications.

Blackfoot reports its findings along with clear recommendations for prioritised remediation activities.

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