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Minimise your human attack surface with our Phishing Simulation Testing service

Why you need phishing simulation testing

Provide assurance

Phishing simulations help organisations better safeguard their assets, build a culture of security awareness and stay ahead of evolving cyber-threats

Protect the organisation

Regular phishing simulations ensure that weaknesses in your human defences are identified so they can be addressed, protecting against targeted phishing attacks

Manage risk

Regular phishing simulations demonstrate a proactive approach to security, showcasing a commitment to protecting sensitive information and mitigating risks

Blackfoot’s phishing simulation testing service keeps you protected from social engineering threats, highlighting any weaknesses and enabling improvements in staff training and business processes.

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What is phishing simulation testing

Phishing simulation testing assesses how employees respond to phishing attempts by exposing them to a simulated attack.

Phishing is a cyber-threat where deceptive emails, messages or websites trick individuals into revealing sensitive information.

Cyber-criminals impersonate trusted entities to manipulate victims. Phishing attacks can lead to financial loss, data breaches and identity theft.

Our method

Our phishing simulation testing service follows a systematic approach to effectively assess your organisation’s susceptibility to phishing attacks.

We start with planning, understanding your objectives and defining campaign goals. Next, we design realistic and credible phishing email templates or communications.

The simulated phishing emails are sent to an agreed target group of recipients and responses are tracked, in accordance with strict ethical and legal guidelines.

We analyse the findings, evaluating the success of the campaign through metrics to assessing the organisation’s ability to defend against a phishing attack. This is documented in a comprehensive report, outlining findings, vulnerabilities, trends and recommendations tailored to you.

Finally, we can deliver post-campaign security awareness training to educate employees about phishing risks and promote best practices for protecting sensitive information.

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