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Understand and manage your cyber-risk with our expert Risk Assessment service

Why you need a cybersecurity risk assessment

Meet compliance

Regular risk assessments are a fundamental part of meeting your organisation’s cybersecurity and compliance goals

Protect the organisation

With regular risk assessments you can avoid the legal consequences, reputational damage and lost business opportunities of cybercrime and security incidents

Manage risk

By conducting risk assessments you can proactively address risks, protect customer data and privacy, and streamline operations, ultimately leading to stronger stakeholder trust and long-term success

Blackfoot’s risk assessment service is tailored to precisely fit your organisation. We help you understand the likelihood and impact on your organisation of common cyber-threats and incidents.

Our Accreditations

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What is a cybersecurity risk assessment

A cybersecurity risk assessment is a review of an organisation’s ability to protect its data and systems from cybersecurity threats.

The purpose of a cybersecurity risk assessment is to identify, assess and prioritise risks based on their potential impact to the organisation.

As well as looking at individual systems and processes, an effective risk assessment programme should take a holistic view of the organisation – how people, systems and processes interact – and identify the cybersecurity risks that exist or could occur in the future.

Our method

Blackfoot Cybersecurity utilises our industry-leading team of accredited experts to identify your organisation’s cyber-risks.

We use our cyber-threat database to identify and analyse risks that are relevant to your organisation.

Our specialist risk assessors use a desk-based assessment to reveal key elements of your risk profile to evaluate what the potential is for a breach to occur within the current environment and what the impact of a breach would be on the organisation.

Our assessment considers where the data sits in your company, the potential impact of this data being compromised and what information security controls are in place to reduce the risk of compromise.

We leverage industry-leading risk management frameworks to assess the maturity of your cybersecurity control environment.

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