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Let Blackfoot’s Virtual Cyber Office manage your organisation’s cyber-risk and governance and assist with cyber-incident response

Why you need a virtual cyber office (VCO)

Maximise your investment

Our proactive VCO service offers you monthly or quarterly reviews of your security strategy, security management system and planned business changes

Protect the organisation

Your dedicated VCO contact provides full phone and email support for system issues and coordination of cyber-incident response

Provide assurance

Our VCO expertise will take the worry out of managing your cybersecurity, so you can focus on running your business, while helping provide assurance to stakeholders

Blackfoot’s Virtual Cyber Office (VCO) service helps you better manage your cybersecurity investment, highlighting areas for improvement. We work with you to deliver regular cybersecurity reviews and provide ongoing support.
Our VCO takes the lead managing any cyber-incidents, taking the worry out of managing your cybersecurity.

Our Accreditations

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What is a virtual cyber office

VCO stands for Virtual Cyber Office.

A VCO is a cybersecurity expert who uses their vast cybersecurity and industry knowledge base to help organisations develop and manage an information security programme that fits their business needs and goals.

Our method

Blackfoot has a structured approach to delivering our Virtual Cyber Office service.

We allocate a dedicated security lead to oversee and manage the entire process for you. Additionally, we provide access to a vast network of expert security support, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

In the event of an incident, our First Responder service is available to promptly handle and manage any situation. We also offer 100 hours of business support annually.

Our quarterly or monthly managed governance meetings, chaired and run by Blackfoot, ensure effective oversight.

Communication is prioritised through regular updates, challenges and educational initiatives.

We actively schedule and coordinate security activities based on your organisation’s security roadmap and business projects, and drive the security strategy, operationalise the governance framework and conduct regular monitoring as defined by the controls framework.

Finally, our reporting dashboard and management information provide comprehensive insights.

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