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Fully align your cybersecurity strategy with wider organisational strategic goals using our Cybersecurity Strategy Service

Why you need a cybersecurity strategy

Protect your reputation

A well-crafted cybersecurity strategy helps both reduce the chance of a cyber-attack and increase your ability to respond and recover helping to protect your organisation’s reputation

Protect the organisation

With a clearly defined cybersecurity strategy you can avoid the legal consequences, reputational damage and lost business opportunities of cybercrime and security incidents

Manage cyber-risk

A well-designed cybersecurity strategy helps manage risk in a framework aligned to wider business goals, while ensuring a sustainable control environment and effective incident response and recovery procedures

Blackfoot’s cybersecurity strategy service helps align your cybersecurity strategy with wider organisational strategic goals, giving stakeholders the assurance that cybersecurity is well managed while enabling business development and growth.

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What is a cybersecurity strategy

A cybersecurity strategy is a high-level plan defining how an organisation will secure its assets during the next three to five years. Because technology and cyber-threats change unpredictably and continually, any cybersecurity strategy should be reviewed and updated regularly.

A solid cybersecurity strategy provides a framework for your organisation to build policies, technologies, processes and controls that lead to a secure working environment.

Our method

At Blackfoot Cybersecurity, our industry-leading team of accredited experts is dedicated to delivering comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for your organisation.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we leverage our robust cyber-threat database to identify and analyse risks that are specifically relevant to your organisation.

Through thorough desk-based assessments, we unveil critical aspects of your risk profile, including the likelihood of breaches occurring within your current environment and the potential impact they could have on your organisation.

Our assessments consider the data infrastructure within your company, assess the potential consequences of compromised data and evaluate the effectiveness of your information security controls in mitigating risks.

To achieve this, we utilise cutting-edge risk management frameworks and assess the maturity of your cybersecurity environment to develop a tailored strategy that ensures optimal protection for your organisation.

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