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Our DPO support service provides specialist advice and guidance to your registered Data Protection Officer (DPO) when you need it most

Why you need DPO support

Meet compliance

With expert DPO advice, ensure your business is compliant with local and cross-border data protection and privacy legislation and regulation

Protect the organisation

With our guidance, your registered Data Protection Officer can ensure your business avoids the legal consequences, reputational damage and lost business opportunities of a personal data breach or legal violation

Provide assurance

With the right data protection advice, you can provide assurance to stakeholders that the business understands how it handles personal information, recognises its data protection responsibilities and takes them seriously

Blackfoot’s DPO support service helps your registered Data Protection Officer (DPO) meet their obligations and ensure your business can comply with local and cross-border legislation and regulation. 

Our friendly team of data protection experts are on hand to offer guidance and support when you need it to deal with any data protection and privacy-related concerns. Whether it’s handling subject access requests (SARs), managing a breach notification or considering the privacy implications of new technologies or business processes, our team is here to help.

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What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Organisations must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to comply with the EU GDPR and UK Data Protection Act. The DPO is accountable for all personal data processing performed by the organisation, and it is important they have access to the right skills and expertise.

We understand that many businesses lack the in-house capability to fulfil their obligations and ensure compliance with local and cross-border data protection requirements, and that DPOs often require additional help and support. Our dedicated team of experts are on hand to offer advice and guidance whenever it’s needed.

Our method

Our DPO support service provides expert advice and guidance on data protection and privacy, on hand whenever you need it.

Our expert team of certified data protection professionals is available to provide your registered DPO with help and support for any data protection or privacy-related issues. This flexible service ensures that your DPO has access to the assistance they need.

We tailor our DPO support service to meet your specific needs, ensuring that our guidance is relevant, practical and aligned with your business objectives and compliance obligations.

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