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FIND AND FIX your security vulnerabilities with Blackfoot’s range of penetration testing services

Why you need penetration testing


Regular penetration testing is a fundamental part of meeting your organisation’s cybersecurity and compliance goals

Protect the organisation

Regular penetration testing ensures that weaknesses are identified in company systems so they can be proactively addressed, protecting you against cyber-attack

Provide assurance

Regular penetration testing provides assurance to your stakeholders that systems and applications are secure

Blackfoot’s comprehensive range of penetration testing services make finding and fixing system vulnerabilities simple, no matter how complex your environment may be.

Powered by Blackfoot’s industry-leading penetration test platform, results are easily and quickly shared for quick resolution.

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What is penetration testing

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity practice that involves simulating real-world attacks on computer systems, networks, applications or other IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.

The goal of penetration testing is to uncover security issues before attackers can find and exploit them, thereby helping organisations strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.

Our method

The technology landscape provides a wealth of opportunities for attackers to exploit; from legacy systems to cloud environments, physical servers and devices to virtual machines and applications.

Finding vulnerabilities, prioritising remediation and managing the process across hundreds or even thousands of assets can be challenging.

Blackfoot’s comprehensive range of penetration testing services provide a complete solution to this challenge.

Our portfolio of services is split into three main categories, each using its own specific methods to identify and overcome these challenges: on-demand vulnerability assessments, manual penetration testing and social engineering.

Why companies trust Blackfoot

Our penetration testing services

Blackfoot’s range of penetration and vulnerability testing services not only assess the security of your systems, but come with a host of value-add services to give you actionable, insightful intelligence to keep your systems and data secure. These services fit into three logical groups – scanning, assessments and manual testing.

Vulnerability Assessment

Find and fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities with our vulnerability assessment services.


Simplify finding and fixing your security vulnerabilities with our range of penetration testing services.

Social Engineering Testing

Minimise your human attack surface with our social engineering testing services.

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