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maintain your firewalls’ effectiveness with our Firewall Security Assessment

Why you need a firewall security assessment

Meet compliance

Firewall security assessments form a mandatory part of many cybersecurity compliance standards

Protect the business

Firewall security assessments protect your organisation by ensuring that your first line of defence is a secure as it can be

Optimise your investment

Firewall security assessments ensure that your organisation’s cybersecurity investment is optimised

Blackfoot’s firewall security assessment service offers a deep-dive of your perimeter defences to identify any potential weaknesses that could leave your organisation exposed to cyber-attack.

Our comprehensive assessment delivers clear, actionable reporting so you can prioritise and address any findings and secure your business.

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What is a firewall security assessment

A firewall security assessment evaluates the effectiveness, configuration and security of an organisation’s firewall infrastructure.

Firewalls are essential network security devices that act as barriers between trusted internal networks and untrusted external networks, such as the internet.

The goal of a firewall security assessment is to ensure that firewalls are properly configured to provide the desired level of protection, and identify any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that could compromise network security.

Our method

Firewall security assessments are critical for maintaining a strong network security posture. They ensure that an organisation’s firewalls are properly configured, rules are well-managed and potential security vulnerabilities are addressed. By regularly assessing their firewalls, organisations can enhance their ability to protect sensitive data, prevent unauthorised access and respond effectively to potential cyber-threats.

A firewall security assessment includes:

Thorough configuration review 

An assessment involves a thorough review of firewall configurations. This includes examining rule sets, access control lists (ACLs), network address translation (NAT) settings and other firewall policies.

Rule analysis

Our experts analyse individual firewall rules to determine their necessity, correctness and potential security implications. Unnecessary or overly permissive rules may introduce vulnerabilities.

Policy consistency

The assessment checks for consistency and conflicts within the firewall rule set. Inconsistent rules can lead to unexpected behaviour or security gaps.

Rule rationalisation

Our experts work with the organisation to rationalise and optimise the rule set by removing redundant, obsolete or conflicting rules.

Access control assessment

The assessment evaluates the access controls applied by the firewall, ensuring that only authorised traffic is allowed and all unauthorised traffic is blocked.

Rule ordering

Firewall rule ordering is examined to ensure that rules are arranged in an optimal sequence. Rule order can impact the effectiveness of security policies.

Logging and monitoring

The assessment reviews the firewall’s logging and monitoring capabilities to ensure that relevant events are recorded for security analysis.

Change management

The process assesses how firewall rule changes are managed, documented and tested to prevent unintended consequences.

Security best practice

The assessment evaluates whether the firewall configuration aligns with industry best practice and security standards.

Vulnerability scanning

Automated vulnerability scanning tools may be used to identify potential security weaknesses or misconfigurations that could be exploited by attackers.


A comprehensive report is generated detailing the findings of the assessment, including identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and provides recommendations for remediation.

Remediation recommendations

The assessment report provides guidance on how to address the identified issues and improve the security posture of the firewall infrastructure.

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