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Our Vulnerability Manager platform provides centralised management and reporting for our technical assurance services

Why you need Vulnerability Manager


Addressing findings following vulnerability scans and penetration testing is a fundamental part of meeting your organisation’s cybersecurity and compliance goals

Protect the

Responding to technical assurance findings in a timely manner and mitigating the weaknesses identified in company systems helps protect your organisation from cyber-threats

Provide assurance

Clear reporting of your technical assurance activity, findings and responses provides assurance to your stakeholders that your systems and application are secure and well managed.

Our Vulnerability Manager is the perfect add-on to our technical assurance services. It provides a single source for monitoring and managing all technical assurance activity across your organisation. Our easy-to-use platform delivers centralised technical assurance management and reporting, supporting real-time collaboration and remediation monitoring.

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What is Vulnerability Manager

Effective cybersecurity relies on a clear understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities that pose a risk to company systems, and a reliable approach for evaluating and responding to any weaknesses. The goal of technical assurance activities such as penetration testing and vulnerability scanning is to identify and manage these issues before attackers can find and exploit them.

With a centralised technical assurance platform like Vulnerability Manager, organisations achieve greater visibility of their vulnerabilities. Enhanced accountability for mitigation actions ensures issues are addressed in a timely way. With customisable and on-demand reporting, these platforms provide visibility to stakeholders when they need it.

Our method

Blackfoot’s Vulnerability Manager platform provides a centralised view of cyber-threat exposure across the organisation. Our platform offers complete vulnerability workflows, demonstrating attacks from a hacker’s perspective, and provides detailed remediation plans for all reported findings.

The platform provides a comprehensive view of system vulnerabilities and weaknesses identified through technical assurance activities. Fully customisable workflows enable comprehensive management and oversight of findings and mitigation progress.

Our platform supports a range of self-service APIs, enabling integration with your existing IT management solutions and services. Its tailored reporting means you can easily personalise your reports to fit the needs of your audience, whether it’s the c-suite, auditors, regulators or customers.

Blackfoot’s Vulnerability Manager platform is offered as an optional add-on for our technical assurance services.

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