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Blackfoot provides visibility of cyber-risks and cybersecurity consultancy to your board enabling more effective cybersecurity decision-making and strategic planning

Many company boards lack visibility into their organisation’s cyber-risks and vulnerabilities. As a result, they may be unaware of critical cybersecurity issues and do not have the information they need for effective cybersecurity decision-making and strategic planning.

This can lead to insufficient cybersecurity budgets and resource restrictions, as well as leaving the board unable to provide strategic direction to the business appropriately prioritising cybersecurity. As a result, organisations are unable to make the cybersecurity investments that ensure their security for the long-term, leaving them increasingly exposed to cyber-attacks and the risk of a costly data breach.

Blackfoot can help provide your board members with visibility of the organisation’s cyber-risks and vulnerabilities through a combination of fully-customisable reporting tools. Our expert consultants can help interpret these reports and offer your board the strategic guidance they need to support cybersecurity alongside their goals of business development and growth.

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Why do company boards need to know about cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for boards worldwide, with a recent report highlighting that 73% of global board members feel at risk of a significant cyber-attack.

However, poor communication between boards and their CISOs and operational security teams means that board members lack the visibility they need to accurately assess and understand the cyber-threat to their business.

This lack of visibility has a ripple effect, impacting the allocation of cybersecurity budget and resources, and keeping cybersecurity off the board agenda. Over time, this leads to perpetual underinvestment in cybersecurity expertise, tools and capabilities leaving the business vulnerable and exposed to cyber-attack.

Effective board reporting addresses this knowledge gap by presenting information about the organisation’s cyber-risks, vulnerabilities and threat exposure in a way that is clear, concise and meaningful to the board. By combining reporting tools with consultancy support, the board can access not only the information it needs for strategic decision-making, but also the expertise to interpret and act on it, placing cybersecurity firmly on the board agenda.

How we help

Through a combination of reporting tools, Blackfoot can provide company board members comprehensive visibility of their organisation’s cyber-risks and security exposures.

Our Vulnerability Manager platform provides a single source for monitoring and managing all technical assurance activity across your organisation, supporting real-time collaboration and remediation monitoring.

Our Cyber Risk Manager service delivers always-on visibility of your cyber-risk exposure through a highly customisable platform, enabling real-time strategic and operational risk management while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our Cyber Risk Scorecards consolidate recent security events and assessment findings into a clear overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity risk exposure, designed specifically for the leadership board.

Alongside our reporting platforms, our consulting services can help your board interpret and act on the cybersecurity reporting available to them. Provided by our expert team, this helps facilitate board engagement, garners board support for cyber-initiatives and enables more effective cybersecurity decision-making, budget allocation and strategic planning.

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