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Make sure your organisation can comply with local and cross-border data protection and privacy laws with our custom Data Protection Policy Development service

Why you need data protection policies

Meet compliance

A comprehensive set of policies governing the use of personal information provides the foundation of data protection and privacy compliance for your organisation

Protect the organisation

A well-implemented set of data protection and privacy policies supports good data handling practices that help avoid the legal consequences, reputational damage and lost business opportunities of a personal data breach or legal violation

Provide assurance

A comprehensive set of policies governing the use of personal information helps provide assurance to stakeholders that data protection is taken seriously and managed well across the organisation

Developing comprehensive data protection and privacy policies requires time and expertise. Let Blackfoot’s experts work with you to deliver a tailored set of policies, uniquely created for your business.

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What is a data protection policy

Developing a suite of data protection and privacy policies enables an organisation to meet local and cross-border privacy laws by defining ways of working that support both business objectives and data protection responsibilities.

Comprehensive data protection and privacy policies outline the ways personal information may be collected and used, the purposes for its collection, how it must be protected and how individuals can exercise their privacy rights. They also define how the business must respond if they suffer a data breach.

Our method

Blackfoot Cybersecurity specialises in developing comprehensive data protection and privacy policies.

Our team of experts leverage their industry knowledge to create or update tailored policies that align with the unique requirements of your organisation.

We understand the critical importance of having robust policies in place to safeguard the personal information of your customers, clients and employees.

Through a collaborative engagement, we work closely with your organisation to identify specific business needs and assess existing privacy and data protection practices to develop custom policies.

These policies outline clear guidelines, procedures and best practices to ensure your business can operate effectively while ensuring the security of personal information and upholding individuals’ privacy rights.

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