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Our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers expert threat detection and response capabilities tailored to the needs of your business

Why you need a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Meet compliance

Our managed SOC provides cybersecurity monitoring and incident response capabilities customised to support your organisation’s security and compliance goals

Protect the organisation

Our managed SOC delivers preventative and proactive security detection and response capabilities, protecting your business from cyber-attack and minimising the impact of security incidents

Manage cyber-risk

Our managed SOC provides early warning of potential cyber-threats, empowering you to manage your risks before they are exploited, improving security and streamlining operations, ultimately leading to stronger stakeholder trust and long-term success

Blackfoot’s managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers a customisable package of preventative and proactive threat detection and mitigation solutions, ensuring your business can identify and respond to cyber-threats and security incidents with confidence. This rapid response capability enables you to limit the impact of cyber-incidents and minimise business disruption.

Our managed SOC capabilities are fully customisable to meet your unique needs, no matter whether you’re an SMB or global enterprise.

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What is a managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

A managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers a range of threat detection and response capabilities to organisations as an outsourced security function. This includes a variety of cybersecurity capabilities such as security monitoring; threat detection, analysis and remediation; and incident response.

A managed SOC service can take control of security incidents when they occur, guiding a coordinated response from initial identification to containment and recovery. The rapid response capability of a managed SOC ensures the impact of cyber-incidents is limited and business disruption is minimised.

Our method

Blackfoot’s managed SOC delivers real-time, risk-based monitoring to identify and manage cyber-threats, malware and cyber-attacks.

Our customisable suite of detection and response capabilities can be packaged depending on the needs of your organisation, including vulnerability management, security and event monitoring, intrusion detection, data loss prevention, managed detection and response, and more.

Our easy-to-use management portal provides deep insights into your environment and threat profile. Its flexible customisation supports tailored alerts and defensive rulesets that keep you in control.

Backed by multi-disciplinary security teams and operating 24/7, our managed SOC ensures your business can respond effectively to any cyber-incident.

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