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Mergers and Acquisitions

Blackfoot can provide cybersecurity and assurance expertise for buyers and sellers navigating the merger and acquisition process

Mergers and acquisitions are complex and costly processes for both buyers and sellers, as both parties aim to secure the best price while minimising any risks to their organisation. As a result, cybersecurity is increasingly important to a successful merger and acquisition process.

For buyers, understanding any potential cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities they may be exposed to during and after any business purchase is crucial. Blackfoot can provide due diligence assessments of target businesses to identify, quantify and mitigate potential cyber-risks and exposures as part of the merger and acquisition process. 

For sellers, maximising the value of their business is essential. Blackfoot can offer pre-sale assurance assessments and help identify and remediate any cyber-risks or vulnerabilities that may affect the sale or adversely impact business value. 

Whether buying or divesting, Blackfoot can provide the guidance and support needed to ensure that cyber-risks are managed effectively throughout the merger and acquisition process.

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Why does cybersecurity matter in mergers and acquisitions

Cybersecurity is now a key consideration for businesses in the merger and acquisition process. For both buyers and sellers, cybersecurity and cyber-risk can make or break a deal.

Successful mergers and acquisitions must be guided by the right expertise to ensure that cybersecurity is not a barrier to a successful process. 

Buyers need to ensure that they are not exposing themselves to undue levels of cyber-risk inherited through the purchase of the target organisation. They need to ensure that any cybersecurity weaknesses in their target company are known and managed prior to completing any merger process by undertaking comprehensive cyber due diligence at an early stage.

Meanwhile, sellers need to ensure that their cybersecurity and risk management is robust enough not to jeopardise the deal or adversely affect their value. Undertaking a detailed assurance review is a crucial step in the process.

How we help

Blackfoot can deliver the expert guidance you need to ensure your cyber-risks are managed effectively throughout the merger and acquisition process. 

For buyer organisations, we will work on your behalf to undertake comprehensive due diligence of your target company, so you have a clear understanding of their cybersecurity status. Tailored to your specific requirements, this may include a comprehensive cyber-risk assessment, evaluation of any technical debt and a detailed review of cybersecurity policies and procedures.

For divesting organisations, we will work with you to protect your business during the merger and acquisition process. As part of our customisable service, we can provide a comprehensive cyber-risk assessment and remediation support, as well as assurance reports to facilitate a successful sale.

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