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Blackfoot delivers cybersecurity expertise that enables successful sales of products and services

Cybersecurity is a key consideration for businesses when selecting new products and services. Potential customers need to know that the products and services they buy meet high cybersecurity standards and do not introduce new cyber-risks into their business. 

As supply chain risks continue to rise, organisations are responding by imposing more stringent due diligence processes onto their suppliers, as part of the initial bidding process and throughout the purchasing and product/service lifecycle.

As a result, the bidding and sales process must be guided by the right expertise to ensure that cybersecurity is not a barrier to a successful sale. 

Blackfoot can provide you with cybersecurity expertise to help you construct compelling bid proposals and complete customer due diligence and cyber assurance activities for successful sales.

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How does cybersecurity support the sales and bidding process

Any technology-based product or service has the potential to introduce cyber-risks to an organisation. As a result, most businesses require assurance from solutions and service providers that their products and services are secure.

Technology product and service providers must be able to demonstrate that their solutions do not present a cyber-risk to their prospective customers, and must be able to clearly articulate any relevant security impacts and how to mitigate them.

Many businesses do not have the right expertise in-house to navigate the cybersecurity aspects of complex bidding and procurement processes imposed on them by potential clients. However, failing to respond appropriately during these processes can prevent a successful sale.

How we help

If you are a technology product or service provider, Blackfoot can provide you with cybersecurity expertise and guide you through the complex bidding and procurement processes of your prospective customers. Our expert team can provide support at all stages of the process, from initial bid proposals to supplier due diligence and assurance assessments. 

Through a comprehensive risk assessment of your existing products and services, we can help you identify and mitigate any weaknesses that may impact sales potential.

During customer bidding and procurement processes, we will help you construct compelling bid proposals, articulating clearly how your services can satisfy standard cybersecurity requirements. We will also provide assistance with supplier due diligence surveys and assurance statements, and support you in communicating effectively with your prospective clients throughout the sales process.

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