Technical Assurance & Security Testing

Your cyber security strategy and security management system are the foundations that will deliver a more secure environment for your business. However, without continual monitoring and security testing, both will develop weaknesses that could result in serious consequences for your business.

Blackfoot’s expertise in technical assurance and security testing keeps you permanently safe as we continually monitor threats facing your business and the effectiveness of the controls and processes you have in place.

The Implementation Challenges

Time and money are precious in every business. It takes both to continually monitor and identify vulnerabilities in your systems. Real-time monitoring requires specialist tools and the knowledge to understand what to do about issues discovered. With so many employees working from home, direct security and user monitoring has become increasingly difficult. The amount of security and user monitoring has actually dropped with only a third of all businesses now undertaking these activities. Naturally, monitoring results in alerts that are raised frequently. But which are genuine security threats? The longer it takes to respond to a threat the greater your probability of a breach becomes.

Our Solution

This is where Blackfoot can really help you, using the best tools available to monitor your business, helping you put the right solutions in place when we find a problem, allowing your people to concentrate on what they do best. We often work with our clients to implement solutions that do not require significant expenditure or system change. Our goal - to find the best and most commercial way to keep you secure.

PCI ASV Scanning

As a PCI DSS regulated business, you will need to perform a quarterly vulnerability scan using an approved security vendor. Blackfoot has been an approved vendor for many years and continually helps customers remain compliant through regular scans and helping take necessary actions when vulnerabilities are discovered. Stay compliant using our PCI ASV scanning service.

External Vulnerability Assessment

To ensure your public-facing assets are secure and protected, Blackfoot can undertake an external vulnerability assessment that identifies opportunities for external threat actors to penetrate your systems and network. This is an essential exercise in keeping your business secure, revealing vulnerabilities, and allowing you to resolve them quickly and effectively.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

You may think external threats are the only concerns you have regarding cyber security. In reality, malicious employees or malware that can exploit unpatched software or employee error, can cause similar issues. Our internal assessment carries out the same function as our external assessment, taking a close look at employee activity, the maturity of your software, evidence of trojans or viruses in your systems and more. It is as essential as external testing and should be carried out in conjunction with the above.

Vulnerability Management

Carrying out vulnerability assessments is essential in identifying key vulnerabilities in your systems and infrastructure. Ensuring you rectify any issues found is even more important. That is why many of our customers use our vulnerability management service to ensure that the vulnerabilities we identify are resolved. You may lack the necessary resource to monitor these issues which is where Blackfoot can help.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

To help you understand how secure your systems and infrastructure are against potential threats, we provide a comprehensive range of penetration testing services. We can comprehensively assess your internal and external infrastructure threats and find and exploit vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top 10 across all your applications. Penetration testing services include: External and internal infrastructure, Web applications, Mobile applications, APIs, WiFi testing, Build reviews, Breakout testing and Phishing campaigns.

Red Team Assessment

For major enterprise customers, especially those working in banking and the financial sector, our Red Team Assessment is a specialised penetration exercise designed to identify the effectiveness of your security monitoring. Our team of experts will design a bespoke exercise to attack your business, undertaking either physical or digital strategies to gain access to your systems. This assessment identifies key areas for improvement and how quickly and effectively your monitoring systems respond. If you want to be sure that you are well protected against attack, our Red Team Assessment is the perfect way to do it.

Firewall Security Assessment

Firewalls are essential components in any IT infrastructure but are often misconfigured. This can expose your systems and lead to breaches. We provide firewall healthchecks that ensure your rule sets are appropriate and without conflict. We will find issues such as temporary firewall openings that have not been closed ensuring your firewall remains a robust barrier to external threats. This is a vital area of your infrastructure so make sure it is fully secured.

PCI Network Segmentation Testing

As a PCI DSS regulated business, you are required to store sensitive cardholder data in specific segmented locations on your network, only giving access to members of staff who absolutely need it. Our network segmentation testing takes a detailed view of your network, with specific focus on payment data such as cardholder names and account numbers. Should we find a compromised network, we will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective ways of resolving your issues, ensuring your network fully meets PCI DSS standards.

Physical/Social Engineering

Malicious threat actors will aim to deceive your team to get access to your systems. Our physical and social engineering exercises replicate this approach, highlighting your levels of vulnerability and security awareness. Whether phoning your people, using voice simulators, or sending apparently genuine emails or messages, we will design a range of penetration techniques that may convince your people to give us access. Once we have understood how robust your team is against security threats, we can design a training programme that will help you reduce these threats in the future.

Cloud Security Assessment

Every business uses cloud computing in one form or other. Whilst cloud computing makes your operation leaner and more manageable, it also adds another external threat to your infrastructure. Because the cloud environment is continually changing, so are its associated threats. Our cloud security assessment (CSA) will help you identify and mitigate those risks. This means we reduce your exposure to data breaches, insecure APIs, abuse of cloud services and inadequate identity and access controls among others. Do not leave your cloud-based systems open to these key risks, let Blackfoot help you secure your environment today.


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