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The Banking Start-Up with Six Months to Create an IT Infrastructure

Our client was a start-up in the banking sector. They faced a huge challenge in requiring a robust IT infrastructure and security system in six months to achieve FCA approval before their license expired. The client had no Security Information Manager, no security policies or Security First principles in place. The consultant charged with delivering this project, Steve Grigg, knew the only way to succeed was to bring in a third-party specialist cyber-security team.

The client was looking for a broad range of skills and tools to build a completely new, secure platform and network. They needed a set of policies, key tools like penetration testing and security monitoring and a functioning Chief Security Officer. They simply did not have the time or money to put that team in place themselves.

After reviewing three organisations, Blackfoot was selected as the outstanding candidate. Steve commended us for clearly articulating the key solutions required, the way our recommendations were most tailored to their needs and the rapport and desire to go the extra mile we demonstrated.

Despite many obstacles along the way, the Blackfoot team worked tirelessly with the client personnel to deliver ten sub-projects that ultimately delivered FCA approval within the six-month timescale. Blackfoot had to be flexible on people, deadlines and hours worked but this was never a block to success.

Ultimately the bank got their new platform and secure infrastructure leading to FCA approval before their license expiry. Blackfoot also recruited a highly credible CSO, a former Head of Security at the Bank of England, giving the FCA total confidence in the project.


"We chose Blackfoot because they came across as authentic, honest, hard-working, and committed. They really care about the customer above all else and are outstanding at what they do. We could not have got FCA approval within six months without their help, expertise, and flexibility. Finding a partner who has your best interests at heart, one who tries to find solutions that work for us as a customer is like gold-dust. I would now always consider Blackfoot as part of my trusted partner network for any future projects."

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